Rocketlolly Photography

Traditional photography with a twist

Film and digital photography. For most commercial or corporate jobs I use a full-frame Nikon DSLR, Speedlights, and a variety of editing tools to get exactly the look you're going for. I don't currently shoot video.


Whether you want clean and crisp, or something a little more rustic, I'll work to a photography style that suits your business.

I can also provide corporate headshots to specification. Lots of people hate having their photo taken (me included!) but I can help you get photos you love - it doesn't have to look like a passport photo!

Advertising & Product shots

I take product shots for small to medium products (including digital cut-outs if required), and clothing (modelled or flat).

I'm happy to work to a stylistic brief for promotional or advertising shoots.

Art Photography & Prints

If you're interested in buying exhibition prints, send me an email at the address below.


Let's talk; drop me a line at:

+44 (0)7980 746205

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